The details of the space City Exhibition Center transactions have been revealed

The government and SkyCity signed a contract on Friday for SkyCity to build a controversial $402-million Auckland convention centre next to its casino in exchange for gambling concessions, including 230 more pokie machines and 40 more gaming tables.

The deal requires a law change protecting SkyCity's gambling profits for another 35 years.

To reduce problem gambling harm, SkyCity must have a tool identifying players at risk of problem gambling and a voluntary pre-commitment system where gamblers can restrict their spending or time at the casino.

It will also double its number of host responsibility specialists.

Problem Gambling Foundation NZ chief executive Graeme Ramsey was disappointed in the measures he described as "window dressing".

"I don't think they are going to have a massive impact and they are certainly very little improvement, if any, from what SkyCity are currently doing."

He wanted to see mandatory pre-commitment systems and an independent audit of SkyCity's host responsibility programme, as it currently monitors itself, Mr Ramsey told NZ Newswire.

The foundation would be making submissions to the parliament select committee considering the law change.

"We all pay the cost of mopping up from problem gambling," Mr Ramsey said.

The Greens are urging the government's coalition partners to withdraw their support for the bill.

Labour leader David Shearer said the deal undermined New Zealand's reputation for honesty and transparency because SkyCity was favoured above other tenders.

Prime Minister John Key helped broker the deal with SkyCity, and it has been revealed other potential parties were unaware the government didn't want to contribute any money towards it.

Tourism New Zealand acting chief executive Justin Watson says the centre will support its work to attract business visitors and international conferences.

International delegates spend more than $3000 a day while on holiday - the most of all visitors, he said.

Construction is expected to begin next year and the centre to open in 2017.

Legislation paving the way for the deal will be introduced to parliament next week.

mardi 09 juillet 2013 08:46

The new German Nazi murder trial

The random discovery of the gang in late 2011 embarrassed authorities, exposing deep security flaws and raising uncomfortable questions about how the cell went undetected for 13 years.

Hundreds of black balloons filled the sky over the courthouse, and dozens of anti-racism protesters shouted slogans and held large photos of the 10 victims as Beate Zschaepe, 38, entered the heavily guarded Munich courtroom, appearing relaxed with her arms folded Hai Tong Fund Now Available at!.

She denies the charge of complicity in the murders of eight ethnic Turks, a Greek immigrant and a German policewoman between 2000 and 2007 as a founding member of the National Socialist Underground (NSU).

Four men joined Zschaepe in the dock on charges of supporting the NSU at the trial, which was adjourned until May 14 over a defence complaint about the judge.

Dubbed the "Nazi moll" by media, Zschaepe is also accused of involvement in 15 armed robberies, arson and attempted murder in two bomb attacks.

Germans were stunned to learn in November 2011 that foreign criminal gangs were not behind the unsolved murders, but rather home-grown racist killers.

The case only came to light after Zschaepe's alleged accomplices, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Boehnhardt, were found shot dead in an apparent murder-suicide.

Zschaepe then allegedly blew up their shared home in eastern Germany and later surrendered to police.

A DVD emerged with a film in the style of a "Pink Panther" cartoon in which the group claimed responsibility for the attacks Investment Advice Appointment.

A probe into the handling of the case revealed oversights and mistakes by police and domestic intelligence services and a realisation that the right-wing extremist threat had been grossly underestimated.

The head of domestic intelligence resigned in July after staff admitted shredding files relevant to the case, and a parliamentary committee has been set up to look into what went wrong.

The scandal also exposed a web of contacts between the secret services and the far right in which the state systematically exchanged cash for information, raising questions about possible collusion.

Prosecutor Herbert Diemer told a press conference on Monday that investigators had found that the NSU was an insular group with no links to other organisations, and that there was no 'third man' in any of the attacks.

He also said they had found no evidence to date that the NSU had connections to police or state security services.

Dressed in a black trouser suit, white shirt and wearing large hoop earrings, Zschaepe entered the courtroom before the hearing got under way and stood with her back to the TV cameras.

Proceedings were delayed after motions by defence lawyers objecting to the trial's chief judge Manfred Goetzl.

They argue among other things that he is biased in insisting that the defence team undergoes security checks on entering the court while prosecutors, police and others are not required to be searched CITIGROUP FIRST INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LIMITED.

mardi 07 mai 2013 05:03

The mainstream of the development of new energy

" The development of new energy will be focused on solar energy and nuclear energy. " Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences He Zuoxiu said recently, in the photovoltaic solar energy industry development, the third generation of photovoltaic technology will replace the first generation and second generation teco electric ac motor.

He Zuoxiu thinks, photovoltaic technology should strengthen the construction of the surface solar energy accumulation and storage base, " so that both high quality and inexpensive, and can effectively avoid the occupation of cultivated land ".

The third generation of photovoltaic technology refers to the " solar silicone + + + efficient tracking concentrating concentrating silicon cell ", has the characteristics of green, high efficiency, low cost and long service life, the " green " is the biggest advantage. " Green " technology is the core is the solar silicone, which is characterized by the use of solar energy, although is the high energy consumption, but consumption is not power, but the solar energy. In this sense, the third generation of photovoltaic technology pollution basically equal to zero teco brushless dc motor.

In nuclear power, He Zuoxiu advocated the development of nuclear energy, but not in its inland development in favor of. " Hope that nuclear power can march to the sea. Warships, naval strength of our nuclear power effective armed, the unlimited potential. "

For the development of electric vehicles, He Zuoxiu said: " electric cars should focus on the development of small towns and rural areas to meet the dual-purpose small electric vehicles. The current electric vehicle reliability should be miniature, endurance of 120 km, the maximum speed should reach more than 80 kilometers, can load 3~4 or 200 to 400 kilograms of goods vehicles. "

In He Zuoxiu's view, perhaps the electric vehicle is in the form of the hub motor, energy storage system, the three car carrier. Among them, the hub motor can be standardized by independent research institutions, choose to use the hub motor, can set aside the gearbox system complex. This electric car can be standardized installation of power system, if the need to increase the power, electric cars from the 4 round will be increased to 6 or 8 wheel, the need to strengthen the chassis technology can realize tomi solar cell.

mardi 05 mars 2013 06:42 , dans solar

Most the person that I love

The only in my life for nine years, but in a hurry to leave, I miss you, every day and every night hong kong gifts & premium.

Those nine years, I remember the way you look, remember your smile, remember your discipline. The one who loves me most. You are very strict, from the point of view of not who cry, can not see who. But in my birthday, you like the child head with our crazy with us, you loved every child, you good for all.

I remember your sincere words and earnest wishes, so, I do you often do, help every person in need of help, ask for nothing in return, not publicity. I don't know when I started to grow up, but everyone will say that I am very mature, I heard only Minzui smile. I just like you.

For so many years, fortunately I have experienced are cause and effect, this is what you said. You said, every man may not without any cause or reason is very lucky, you will prove that you have good do more. I asked you, if has not so many good things to do that is not miserable, you say, every day to help clean up, help with the housework, classmates borrow you something to smile to others, the work well done, don't waste money, these are doing a good thing. After growing up, I know, you said this is nothing more than doing an obedient child gift and premium fair.

I am nineteen years old this year, nine years and ten years have you not your life. This ten years, I was rebellious, crazy, do not know in what year, again I grew up, I learned with a calm mind to accept everything, everything, just like you said, not the worst. You always brought out the best in me hk-business-gift.html.

You said that I remember, now I am in the discharge of these words, every joy and sorrow of life, I summed up a lot, I will do a warm person like you, no matter how's life, have a good heart, a pair of appreciation of others eyes, there is a pair of helpful hands, I will use my life time to do these things hk-executive-gift.html.

jeudi 21 février 2013 09:01 , dans Life

The stage of life

Life is to play to play, the evil of life. The fire scene in the water, struggling. You sing on stage, the continuation of thousands of years, the world is a stage. Human is the protagonist, all things as props. Deductive lifelike plot, forget the true colours. Hard, cycle performance, expect the perfect curtain call.

Colorful world show heart, imperceptibly already tired heart. Packing too true too pale, the heart gradually by the psychedelic. Social development, spatio-temporal fast conversion, induction and the mind more slowly. Be careful with the reality be misfits, has become natural, heart fell into a deep sleep. Suddenly he heard the theme song, wake up life romance. Unable to appreciate singers, only tears.

Crazy play things, forget the past means. To get it back, light up the world. Heart inexplicable sad, be induced to distant relatives call. The soul is uneasy, experienced the vicissitudes of life not erase. In the eyes of the downtown not conceal inner desolation, ear noise stop mind confused. Be in fine fig of going through the motions in the table, tecoelectric terribly fatigued the drama on the stage. Some people pull you up, some people advised you to sleep. Sleep had countless, show only once.

Fans fans, the play within the play, no one can see the ending. To identify the authenticity, knowing good and evil, no one can change the outcome. The heart reads a to change, the bad guys may be good, good man may go bad. Balance quality standards unchanged. No matter how the lustrous and dazzling, the firm always persist firmly in mind. The same heart, dba2a06dk is ending. The outcome can not control, process can master, who does not hope to the satisfaction of all.

Such as water, from beginning to end, a bit does not leak. The way thousands of turns and twists, nature has not changed, after all the sea. A drama, and a face, whirling. True nature, behavior is romantic drama. Once the curtain opened, the ground is no actor.

mardi 29 janvier 2013 03:18


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